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Work programme _ cost estimate Nigeria national PACE programme for the period 1st December, 2000 to 30th November, 2001.

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.description.abstractThe Nigerian Pan African Rinderpest Campaign (PARC) project came to being through the preparation and approval of a work programme that was considered and endorsed by the Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources of the Organization of African Unity (OAU/IBAR) Nairobi. The Project (PARC) was an assistance by the European Economic Commission (EEC) in supporting African countries to, among other things, control Rinderpest and to a certain extent Contagious Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia (CBPP) while at the same time enhancing the national capacity in the control of other diseases of economic importance. The Nigerian PARC project was executed as PARC I between July 1989 and May 1995. Following the successful completion of the PARC project in Africa in March 1999, the OAU/IBAR further solicited for support from the European Union (EEC/EU) for another project, Pan African Control of Epizootics (PACE) which is also to be executed in many African countries. It is expected that the PACE project will be built on the gains of PARC and will result in the final eradication of Rinderpest. Substanctial progress would also be made in the knowledge of the status of some transboundary animal diseases along with the improvement of the capacities of both public and private veterinarians, paraveterinarians and livestock farmers. Nigeria is to benefit the sum of Two million six hundred and fifty eight thousand One hundred and twenty-eight Euro (2, 658,128 Euro) during the five years (2000-2005) of the PACE project. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is to be signed between the Regional Authorizing Officer (RAO) of the OAU/IBAR on behalf of the EU and the Nigerian National Authorizing Officer (NAO) on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria to facilitate the implementation of the project in Nigeria.
dc.subjectPan-African Control of Epizootics (PACE)
dc.titleWork programme _ cost estimate Nigeria national PACE programme for the period 1st December, 2000 to 30th November, 2001.

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