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Establishment of a Regional Livestock Development Programme for Eastern Africa (RLDP).

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.description.abstractThe proposed Regional Livestock Development Programme for Eastern Africa (RELIDEPEA) comprises a number of Projects which must be coordinated, facilitated, monitored and assisted, particularly with policy issues that constrain livestock development at the national and regional level. Resources at OAU/1BAR are insufficient to carry out these functions, Consequently an important aim of the Programme will be to build the needed capacity within OAU/IBAR and to establish a unit to: .4#2 enable the organization to coordinate and manage livestock development programmes: is monitor the policy environment within the region in order to identify policy constraints, particularly those affecting implementation of RELIDEPEA, ensure that these constraints are reported to IGAD (for action by the Council of Ministers), advise and assist donors and others to coordinate development efforts and generally to advise OAU/IBAR on livestock policy issues; and do' establish and operate a regional livestock information unit to support the activities described in the preceding point and to act as the source of livestock information and data for the Region. A unit to facilitate Programme implementation, address livestock policy issues and serve as the livestock information centre for the region will be established (the logical framework is in Attachment A). It is intended that the unit will continue thereafter as the project coordination, livestock policy and regional livestock information unit as an integral part of OAU/1BAR. Reflecting these roles it is proposed that the unit be known as the Coordination, Policy and Livestock Information Unit (CPLIU).
dc.titleEstablishment of a Regional Livestock Development Programme for Eastern Africa (RLDP).

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