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Third workplan and budget FITCA -TANGA first quartely report.

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.description.abstractThe overall objective of FITCA Tanzania is to increase household income through improving livestock productivity for people dwelling in tsetse infested areas. The project purpose is to enhance the capacity of the target communities to control tsetse and trypanosomosis by supporting activities already being undertaken by populations living in tsetse infested areas in Tanga and Kagera Region, and utilising low cost, effective and environmentally benign techniques. The project supports the development of affordable, manageable and effective tsetse and trypanosomosis control methods that can be applied by the communities. Disease control is put in the wider perspective of rural development and poverty alleviation of communities living in tsetse infested areas. The envisaged total project duration was 48 months but -for reasons beyond control of the Tanga Component- the actual work programmes will cover a period of 28,5 months only (AWPB I: May '02 - April '03, AWPB II: May '03 — Dec.'03, AWPB III 15thApril — Dec. 2004). The extension year was required to consolidate the outputs achieved by Dec 2003, to produce concrete results and to promote positive outcomes. The aim of the AWPB III is to complete ongoing trials and to publish results. The Tanga Component's activities cover two of Tanga Region's six districts that are affected by Tsetse flies, namely Handeni and Pangani. The project area and target group are far from homogeneous, with predominantly small-scale dairy farmers in the coastal plains and mountainous areas of the Pangani, Muheza and Tanga District and pastoralists in the more arid areas of Handeni District. The options for tsetse / trypanosomosis control vary between the districts, and will be evaluated together with the communities for technical and socio-economical appropriateness
dc.subjectPan African Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Eradication Campaign (PATTEC)
dc.titleThird workplan and budget FITCA -TANGA first quartely report.

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