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Pan African Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Eradication Campaign PATTEC..PDF

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.description.abstractTsetse fly infestation is one of the most important constraints to rural development in sub-Saharan Africa. By transmitting animal trypanosomosis, the tsetse fly drastically reduces the numbers of livestock available. At the same time, trypanosomosis kills animals used for draught power, thus reducing the capacity of farmers to open up and work the land. Tsetse transmitted sleeping sickness, affects a considerable number of people in Africa, thereby reducing the availability of labour as well as increasing the cost of health services. Over the last 100 years a lot of effort has been put on initiatives aimed at controlling the tsetse fly. There has, however, been limited impact in terms of reducing the problem. Some of the areas where the tsetse fly populations were considerably reduced have become re-infested over time. As a result, gains made are often lost sooner or later. African Heads of State and Government, having been under pressure from their communities to do something about the tsetse fly, and realizing that individual country solutions would not work, came to the conclusion that the tsetse problem had to be tackled on a continent-wide basis. The OAU Summit held in Lomb, Togo, in July 2000, charged the Secretary General of the OAU with the task of initiating a campaign to eradicate this menace from the continent of Africa, once and for all. The Secretary General, in turn, commissioned a Task Force, comprising experts from African countries, to formulate comprehensive strategies and a Plan of Action for the implementation of the Decision by the Heads of State and Government. Members of the Task Force were: J.P. Kabayo (OAU), Solomon Haile-Mariam (OAU), Daudi Waithaka (OAU), J. Mathu Ndungu (Kenya), Sadou Maiga (Mali), Charles Mahama (Ghana), William Shereni (Zimbabwe), Bado Abou (Burkina Faso), I. Sidibe (Burkina Faso), Rob Bagnall (South Africa), Assefa Mebrate (Ethiopia), A. Msangi (Tanzania), T.K. PhillemonMotsu (Botswana), Francis Oloo (Kenya), Nkurangah Charles (Rwanda), L.M. Ogwal (Uganda), Codjia Victorin (Benin) and H.G.B. Chizyuka (Representative of PACI Peariinrial frir Afrin,n1 Thr. Tool. Cr-sr..r. ;4, Prior to the convening of the workshop, extensive consultations with international experts from different parts of the world were held. The ideas and proposals that were contributed by the experts formed part of the resource materials used at the workshop.
dc.subjectPan African Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Eradication Campaign (PATTEC)
dc.titlePan African Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Eradication Campaign PATTEC..PDF

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