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AU-IBAR project profiles.

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.description.abstractAU/IBAR Main Budget Find below a comparative budget showing approved budget for year 2006, budget requested for year 2007 and approved budget for year 2007. As regards to activities, we requested for a total sum of US$1,168,654.00 for Meetings and Seminars but the HQ approved US$31,650.00 only. This means that all our activities under Meetings and Seminars have not been approved. It is up to us now to find other sources of funds if we want to carry out the activities this year. Solidarity Budget During the year 2006 we requested funds from the Solidarity budget for activities related to Development of trade in livestock and livestock products in Africa (See table below for detail budget). The total amount requested was US$250,000.00 however the HQ approved and transferred to our Office a lump sum US$200,000.00 only. This amount has not yet been utilised. We can therefore realign the budget and plan some new activities as per our priorities.
dc.subjectAbout AU-IBAR
dc.titleAU-IBAR project profiles.

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