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Work programme _ cost estimates No.6 of the PACE coordination _ common service units Nairobi, Kenya from 1st February 2005 to 31st May 2005.

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.description.abstractThe African Union, through its Commission for Rural Economy and Agriculture in April 20C requested an extension of the period for implementation of the Pan African Programme for tl Control of Epizootics (PACE), covered by Rider 1 to the Financing Agreement No 6125/REG to 28 February 2007, with an increase in the budget ceiling The original Financing Agreement wi due to terminate on 31stOctober 2004. The Deputy Chief Authorising officer of the EDF has agreed with the AU-IBAR's proposals 1 amend the financing Agreement No 6125/REG as follows: 1. Provision for an additional project number 9 ACP RPR 032 increasing the initial budget 1 EUR 5.000.000; 2. Commitment is fixed at Eur 77. 000.000 from 7th, 8th,and 9thEDF resources; 3. Completion of this agreement is set to end on 28, February 2007 at the latest. 1.2. Context The PACE Financing Agreement signed between the European Union and the African Unic started on 1stNovember 1999. The programme was expected to contribute to the goal of reducir poverty among those involved in stock farming by improving productivity, thereby improving the livelihoods and enhancing food security. The specific objectives of the program are as follows: • Build national capacity for analysis and action in the areas of epidemiology, animal healt communication and project management; • Improving the accessibility and distribution of drugs and services to stock breeders; • Eradicate rinderpest from Africa; • Control other epizootics. The Expected results are as follows : The outputs of the extension will be targeted on items that will lead to important sustainab results, regardless of the eventual levels of the recurrent budget allocated to livestock services afti PACE is ended. In order of importance, these results are deemed to be: • Verified eradication of Rinderpest in West and Central Africa through achievement ( the OIE Pathway's freedom from infection, • Eradication of Rinderpest in the Somali Eco-system, • Enhanced opportunity and support for the private sector to effectively participate in ti delivery of veterinary and animal health services, • Capacity building of IBAR
dc.subjectPan-African Control of Epizootics (PACE)
dc.titleWork programme _ cost estimates No.6 of the PACE coordination _ common service units Nairobi, Kenya from 1st February 2005 to 31st May 2005.

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