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Rinderpest Eradication Strategy Workshop for Southern Sudan

dc.contributor.authorDr Rene Bessin
dc.descriptionThe aim of the workshop was to present the new strategy for the last stage of rinderpest eradication from Sudan to the organisations involved in livestock activities in OLS Southern Sector. Participants included representatives from OAU-IBAR PACE Programme, FAO-OLS, NGOs and counterparts from both southern and northern sectors. Presentations were made on the global status of rinderpest and strategy for eradication, the current rinderpest status of Sudan, the new rinderpest eradication strategy for Sudan, rinderpest surveillance, vaccination policy, emergency response, and raising awareness of the new strategy. The participants identified the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in the new strategy and developed one-year action plans for its implementation.
dc.description1st - 2nd August 2001 Nairobi
dc.description.abstractThe Rinderpest Eradication Strategy Workshop for Southern Sudan, 1-2 August 2001 was organised by VSF-Belgium for the Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS) Southern Sector Livestock Programme under the co-ordination of the Pan African Programme for the Control of Epizootics (PACE), OAU/IBAR, and funded by the Community-based Animal Health and Participatory Epidemiology Unit (CAPE) of PACE.
dc.titleRinderpest Eradication Strategy Workshop for Southern Sudan

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