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dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.description.abstractThe PACE strategy provides a framework within which national programmes will be developed and linked to sub-regional and regional strategies for the surveillance and control of the major epizootic diseases. The activities of national components will vary according to the individual situations in each country but they will always be included in the Prouamme's four thrusts with broad common aims, namely: • Building up the institutional capacity of national animal health systems. • Encouraging national capacities for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of interventions. The PACE Programme's thrusts are common to the 32 countries and are the basis for all actions. Within and across the regional groups of countries there are common themes and national PACE programmes will address national priorities within the regional requirements identified by PACE. This first volume (Volume 1) presents the consolidated work programme and cost estimate for ten national PACE programmes, namely: Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Eritrea. Gabon, Ghana, Mauritania, Niger, Republique Centrafricaine, Tchad and Togo
dc.subjectPan-African Control of Epizootics (PACE)

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