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Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa: Vol 58-3

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.identifier.citationAU-IBAR 2010: Bulletin 58-3en
dc.identifier.issn0378 - 9721
dc.description.abstractThis bulletin covers the following articles: Pan African Strategy for the Progressive Control of Peste des Petits Ruminants (Pan African PPR Strategy). Typing of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from milk cows with subclinical mastitis in Dakar, Senegal. Organsweight and performance characteristics of broiler chickens exposed to crude petroleum flame and fumes. Fluoroquinolone resistant Salmonella enterica of poultry origin from south western states of Nigeria. Preliminary study on the impact of Bovine Tuberculosis on the reproductive efficiency and productivity of Holstein dairy cows in Central Ethiopia. Efficacy of Chloroquine, Ivermectin and Artemether on Onchocerca Gutturosa in Zebu calves in Sudan. Study on Seroprevalence of Bovine Brucellosis and Abortion and associated risk factor. Camel Mastitis, associated Bacterial Pathogens and its impact on milk quality in Gewane district, a far regional state, Northeastern Ethiopia. The clinical and Pathological features of experimental Mannheimia Hemolytica A2 infectionin West African Dwarf Goats. Epidemiological Studies on listeriosis in Sheep. Genetic evidence of Roavirus in chicken in Nigeria. Histopathology of the organs of Broiler Chickens exposed to flames and fumes ofkerosene burning. Intercroping effect of Canavalia Ensiformis on regrowth ability and in-vitro gas production of Panicum Maximum Cvt58. L’elevage pastral face aux politiques colonials, Post colonials et de regionalization dans l’ espace cedeao. Influence of Levamisole on antibody response to Newcastle disease vaccination in chemically Immunosupressed Broiler Chicken. Preliminary study on Bovine Tuberculosis in Nekemte Municipailty Abattoir, WesternEthiopia. Ovarian Massage: A simple but useful tool to manage Ovarian Acyclicity in dairy cows.en
dc.format.extent113 pagesen
dc.subjectAnimal Health; Animal Productionen
dc.titleBulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa: Vol 58-3en
dc.title.alternativeBAHPA Vol: 58-3en

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