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Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa: Vol 60-1

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.identifier.citationAU-IBAR 2012: Bulletin 60-1en
dc.identifier.issn0378 - 9721
dc.description.abstractThis bulletin covers the following articles: Bovine Trichomoniasis: an Overview. An Appraisal of the use of Vaccination for Disease Prevention in Poultry in Ibadan, Nigeria. Isolation and Antibiotics Susceptibility Patterns of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 from selected Dairy Herds in Nigeria. Bacteria associated with sheep Pneumonia In El - Damazin Area, The Blue Nile State, The Sudan. Bacteriologic and Histopathologic studies in Pneumonic Lambs in Sokoto, North Western Nigeria. Prevalence of Helminthic Infections among Wild Animals in Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria. The Monogenean Trematode,Gyrodactylusa. A Major Constraint to African Catfish(Clarias Gariepinus), Production: A Case Study of Small Scale Fish Farms in Ibadan, Nigeria. Genetic Diversity of Indigenous Chickens in Cameroon. Testicular Morphometry and Histology of Male Wistar Rats and Gestational Pattern of Female Wistar Rats Treated with Graded Dosages of The Leaves’aqueous Extract of Spondias Mombin. Effects of Tramadol Premedication on Ketamine Anaesthesia in Young Pigs Undergoing Surgical Castration. Effects of Superliv® Supplementation in Feed on Haematological Parameters of Post Peak Shika Brown Layers. Local Poultry Farmers’ Media use, Access and Understanding of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Communication Materials in Nigeria. A Typical Actinobacillosis In An Adult Friesian Cow. Effects of Refined Petroleum Product (Kerosene) Flame and Fumes on Haematological Characteristics of Broiler Chickens.en
dc.format.extent116 pagesen
dc.subjectAnimal Health; Animal Productionen
dc.titleBulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa: Vol 60-1en
dc.title.alternativeBAHPA Vol: 60-1en

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