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Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa: Vol 63-2

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.identifier.citationAU-IBAR 2020: Bulletin 63-2en
dc.identifier.issn0378 - 9721
dc.description.abstractThis bulletin covers the following articles: Comparative utilization and cost benefit of feeding three novel ingredients to broiler chickens. The immunological relationship between typanosoma evansi and trypanosoma vivax: immunization by infection, treatment and challenge findings. Effect of tetracera potatoria on growth and non specific immuneresponse in clarias gariepinus. Genitalia morphometry and testicular characteristics of male white japanese quails at three different age groups. Effect of red and yellow ginger on growth performance and total antioxidant capacity of broiler chicken. Growth performance and nutrient digestibility of exotic turkey broilers fed varying levels of energy to protein (e/p) ratios. Effects of different housing systems on growth performance and carcass yield of two breeds of turkey. Growth rate and manure quality of small ruminants under rural production in the Gambia. 9. CBPP T144/T1SR vaccine induced immune response in vaccinated cattle. Honeybee forage, bee visitation counts and the properties of honey collected from different agro-ecological zones of Uganda. Epizootiology of newcastle disease in two live bird markets in Ibadan, South Western Nigeria. Growth and reproductive performance of captive grass cutter (Thryonomys swinderianus temminck) on feeds supplemented with moringa oleifera lam. Performance characteristics of weaner rabbits fed moringa oleifera and moringa stenopetala. Gastro-intestinal nematodes of goats reared under communal small scale farming conditions in Botswana. Epidemiology of newcastle disease virus among local chickens of West and South-west regions in Cameroon.en
dc.format.extent150 pagesen
dc.subjectAnimal Health; Animal Productionen
dc.titleBulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa: Vol 63-2en
dc.title.alternativeBAHPA Vol: 63-2en

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