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Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa: Vol 65-1

dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
dc.identifier.citationAU-IBAR 2017: Bulletin 65-1en
dc.identifier.issn0378 - 9721
dc.description.abstractThis bulletin covers the following articles: Factors associated with acquisition of enteric episodes in cattle waste handlers in Morogoro, Tanzania. Performance and ileal characteristics of finishing broilers fed diets supplemented with prebiotics. Seasonal prevalence and comparison between sensitvity of conventional and serological detection of fasciolosis in ruminants slaughtered in Maiduguri abattoir, Northeast Nigeria. Antibiogram of bacterial pathogens isolated from subclinical mastitis in Kombolcha, South Wollo, Ethiopia. Bovine cysticercosis and human teniasis with public health implication at asella town, arsi zone of oromia regional state, Ethiopia. Parasitoses gastro-intestinales des petits ruminants et du guib Harnaché autour de la forêt classée de wari-maro au nord-est du Bénin. Survey of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in trade cattle slaughtered at abattoirs in north-central Nigeria. A survey of organs/offal condemnations and foetal losses in slaughtered trade cattle at abattoirs in north-central nigeria: Major causes and associated economic implications. Blood biochemical of nile crocodile (crocodylus niloticus) in kano zoological garden, Nigeria. Evaluation of blood parameters of broiler chickens fed diet supplemented with embaceryl and chaya leaf (cnidoscolus aconitifolius). Effects of genotypes and sex on growth performance of yoruba ecotype and crossbred grower chickens. Effects of two feed forms on the growth performance, carcass yield and duodenal villus morphology of locally-adapted turkeys. Effects of anti-tick vaccines, recombinant serine protease inhibitors (Ras-1-2) and rim 36 antigens against rhipicephalus appendiculatus ticks’ feeding on zebu cattle in Uganda. Indirect effect of moringa oleifera supplemented diet on growth rates of pre-weaning boer goat kids. Role of small ruminants in the epidemiology of foot-and-mouth disease in Sudan. Prevalence, farmers’ knowledge and management of mange in small ruminants in rural household communities of Ejisu-juaben municipality, Ghana. Antimicrobial resistance profile in bacterial isolates from subclinical mastitic milk samples in dairy herds in Kenya. Molecular detection of protozoan parasites in ticks infesting cattle entering nigeria through a major trans-boundary route in Ogun state. Socioeconomic roles and welfare aspects of donkey (equus asinus) in Ethiopia. The effect of fresh leaf ocimum gratissimum and dried buds eugenia caryophyllata extracts on the tissues bacteriological changes of clarias gariepinus juveniles. Toxicity effect of african mesquite (prosopis africana) seed on African catfish (clarias gariepinus) juveniles. Principales espèces médicinales utilisées en médecine vétérinaire au Bénin: disponibilité et caractéristiques dendrométriques.en
dc.format.extent226 pagesen
dc.subjectAnimal Health; Animal Productionen
dc.titleBulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa: Vol 65-1en
dc.title.alternativeBAHPA Vol: 65-1en

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