• AU-IBAR project profiles. 

      African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
      AU/IBAR Main Budget Find below a comparative budget showing approved budget for year 2006, budget requested for year 2007 and approved budget for year 2007. As regards to activities, we requested for a total sum of ...
    • AU-IBAR Promo Video 

      African Union Secretariat (2020)
      The African Union – Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) provides leadership in the development of animal resources for Africa. By supporting and empowering the African Union (AU) Member States and the Regional ...
    • Subdelegation Manual: Version 2.0 

      AU-IBAR (2021-08)
      This manual will provide a step by step guidance on the processes and procedures that sub-delegatees and AU-IBAR should apply in the course of implementing activities sub-delegated by AU-IBAR.
    • Technical proposal for organization of African unity- IBRA. 

      African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources
      This proposal has been prepared for ORGANIZATION OF AFRICAN UNITYINTERAFRICAN BUREAU FOR ANIMAL RESOURCES with reference to invitation to tender REF NO: OAU-IBRA/ADMIN 38/126 Our proposal is based upon providing OAU-IBRA ...