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Contribution Agreement for AU-IBAR - Live2Africa

dc.descriptionProjections indicate that if the current scenario in the livestock sector low levels of public and private investments and low sector growth) is maintained, the increase in demand will not be matched by a corresponding increase in production, leading to a critical shortfall in the supply of quality proteins of animal origin, with negative impacts on the food and nutritional security of many households in Africa. The alternative for meeting the increased demand will be to import the huge deficits expecteden
dc.description.abstractThe demand for livestock and livestock products in Africa is projected to increase two to eight fold, depending on the product, by 2050, largely based on the anticipated increased human population in urban areas and rising affluence1. Although ruminant production has relatively increased from about 100-150 million in 1960 to about 250-300 million in 2011, the increase has remained relatively low for other species2 . Increasing demand for livestock products in Africa is not yet matched by increasing production3 . This has led to increased importation of products in order to meet this demand.en
dc.titleContribution Agreement for AU-IBAR - Live2Africaen

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